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disorder. >>> graduate student from texas upgraded to stable condition after he was attacked by chimps in south africa. andrew remains in a medically induced coma after the attack. officials say it happened when he entered a restricted stone between two security fences outside a chimp end throw sure. two males became -- angry and grabbed him by the legs pulling him under the barrier they used the opening to escape, dragging him into a public space and mauling him. when a staff area rifed the chimps chased him back into his vehicle. >> the chimpanzee jumped on to the bottom of the vehicle started slamming started to breakthrough the windshield. >> he fired a shot through the glass, hitting one and causing both to finally retreat. neither chimp will be euthanized but they've been put into isolation. >> frightening situation there. >>> monday, we are starting with a lot of fog. >>> good news out of sfo flight arrival delays are over now, didn't have any in oakland and san jose. the fog is treating quickly back to the coast. looking at sausalito from mount tamalpais this morning looking do
of illegal m-80s and texas sized bottle rockets. the big concern is fire in this densely populated area but oakland has taken two of the crucial engine companies out of service tonight as part of a cost saving measure. station three in west oakland and station 23 on foothill boulevard do not have trucks that carry water. earlier today, they rolled on a fireworks related roof fire without water but the back-up plan worked. firefighters are patrolling the city tonight and here is what they heard and saw. >>> sound like a war zone out there, but so far tonight, there have been no other fireworks related fires to report, but there is a lot of illegal gunshots that go off and tonight the oakland police department says it upgraded the high-tech spot shoter and they can detect the difference between fireworks and gunshots. people that negligently discharge guns is a priority but so far no reports of arrests. they say they will release those numbers tomorrow if there are any. what has become an illegal tradition in oakland continues but so far no major approximate to report. >>> good to hear. i
for the athletic. since 2006. last time they were in play off contention. 2 game miniseries with texas. couple a's fans loaded up on the decal. trying to get the record to 500. not going to happen. 4th inning 23 career homer against oakland. 2 nothing texas. later in the fourth. tl moss given the start. all turned around. and then drops the ball. no other place. that will lead to another run. 6th inning murphy foul ball down the left field line. full sprint. dive. great effort but came up empty. josh the career year continues should have been all star. gets the a's on the board in the seventh. 21 of the year. 4-1 game with hamilton gets that run back in the eighth. takes jordan deep and gone for his 28th of the year. rangers win 6-1 ending oakland 4 game win streak. the giants open 6 game road trip tonight in atlanta. against braves team which really hot. won 6 in a row but all giants with barry on the mound. buster back at the home state of georgia and loving it. starts with 1st inning base hit off this and score in the third. base hit. martin. oops. cabrera scores to make
. fichlt andy griffith dead tonight at the age of 86. >>> texas town is reconsidering a controversial ordinance banning flags at grave sites. ft. worth suburb of mineral wells said that excessive adornment at the cemetery was unsightly. officials decided to allow flag only one week before and after memorial day and veterans day. popular flag holiday like july 4th and labor day were not approved. people angry about the decision are flooding the phone lines at city hall now and meeting scheduled for july tenth to reconsider the flag policy. >> the military resumed firefighting flights today after a deadly weekend crash of one of the air tanker. happened sunday night in the black hills of south dakota where it was dropping retardant on wildfire. 4 crew members killed. 2 others injured. the crash prompted military to temporarily ground the 7 remaining air force tanker used in fire fighting. 6 tankers cleared to resume flying today. seventh which was also part of north carolina air national guard returned to its home base. >>> elite firefighting team from northern california is on t
reserve teaming with wild life. the chimpen closure electric fence and warning 26-year-old texas graduate student and drew overly was well aware of having volunteered here for his second time. which is why it's unclear why he entered the no go area where he was attacked by 2 male chimp. it lasted around 20 minutes before staff was able to scare them off. this is as close as we can get to the scene of the attack. it's still being investigated. but the park board says the chimp were reacting to what they saw as breach of their territory. this wasn't a freak act of aggression. sought chimp won't be euthanized. they are territorial and also 7 times stronger than humans. animal planet escape the chimp eden director cousins was training to train chimp but had to pepper spray an aggressive one. after 6 hours of surgery, overly tonight remains in an induced coma. broken arm and torn ligaments. also lost fingers and toe. today his parents flew in from the u.s. to be with him. >> he's still sedated. he's very seriously ill as we know. but having said that he is stable. >>reporter: as for
virginia where many are relying on ice and water delivery. in texas they are chilling out in cooling centers. >> i wonder what is going to happen to me. >> the big concern out west is wildfires. firefighters put out this brush fire in palmdale north of los angeles. the most destructive fire in colorado's history is finally contained. more than a dozen states are banning fireworks this 4th of july over fears new fires may spark. people are taking extra precautions in these hot and dry conditions. >> they had gone back in because it was so warm. >> between the ice blocks and sprinklers and shade everyone is trying to find a way to beat the heat. >> some people are working in these conditions and this heat wave is expected to continue from new york through chicago through the week. >>> railroad crews face a massive job after a freight train derailed. 27 cars went off the tracks in illinois. that triggered a dangerous chain of events. trains spilled tons of coal on to the bridge. the bridge collapsed that sparked a small brush fire. no one was hurt. >> there is shock and outrage tonight
a military sex scandal at lack land air force fwhais san antonio, texas because she's trying to get a law passed to protect victims of military rape. court martial proceedin proceedings start dad against staff sergeant walker. accused of sexually assaulting 10 female trainee. he's among a dozen instructor being investigated at lack land air base. congresswoman spears working with victims of mst, military sexual trauma here in the bay area. bill to stop act would allow stroyms report assault to independent panel and not to their commanding officers. >> as we continue. fire crew are being stretched thin battling 2 huge wildfires scorched more than 46 square miles in northern california. bigger of the 2 destroyed 3 30,000 acres in the mendocino forest and 3500 acres in placer county. randy has the latest now on the so-called fires. you. >> high temperature and strong winds, firefighters are having a tough time getting control of the robert fire in northern california. >> this is definitely one of the more remote fires in some of the steepest slopes that i have seen a fire burn in. >>r
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7